Meet Jewelz

I’ve learned that loving ourselves and investing time in us brings us to a place of peace and happiness. 

Looking back on my life at my experiences, both good and bad, I’ve realized that I spent most of my life feeling stuck and lost. Why? Was it because I didn’t trust my intuition, did I lack self worth and self confidence, was I too busy taking care of everyone else’s needs, did I make myself a priority? 

I found myself stuck in patterns, riding a rollercoaster that was speeding out of control. I was exhausted, raising two children on my own, working full time, volunteering in the community and constantly stressed about how I was going to make ends meet. There never seemed to be a light at the end of the tunnel. I was so focused on what I lacked in life that I was stuck in this pattern created by my limiting beliefs. It took me losing everything to realize that my limiting beliefs and self sabotaging thoughts were creating this reality. Could I really be causing my own failures? That was a hard fact to face. No one knew I was falling apart inside because I wanted everyone to be happy. I felt alone, exhausted and ready to give up.

I realized that I needed to make myself a priority and I started by focussing on me. I spent alot of time working through and releasing my limiting beliefs, fears, and negative thoughts. When I did this, I started breaking those patterns, my confidence grew as well as my love for myself. I felt motivated, inspired and happy. Now to find my purpose! I knew I wasn’t meant to be stuck in the 9-5 job, I was meant to do more, something that would make me love what I do. I knew I was highly intuitive and had many experiences with spirit. I also knew I loved helping others. I focussed on developing my intuition and my path became clear. 

I realized how much I was helping people with tarot cards readings and messages from spirit. I was able to see how their thoughts and fears were holding them back, how their mindset had them stuck in patterns of not attracting what they want in life. I wanted to see my clients achieve their goals, feel happy and enjoying life. I wanted to inspire and empower them, so I also became a certified coach. In addition to being a Psychic Medium and Certified Coach, I have also taken courses in Reiki and Crystal healing as well as many spiritual workshops. I’m also teaching classes to help others to learn to read tarot cards.

My motto is: Do everything with love